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Maximilian Rose

I am an experienced software engineer with a strong background in full-stack development. My skill set includes Java, TypeScript, and .NET possessing experience in platform engineering. By leveraging my expertise, I can successfully navigate projects from start to finish, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products to clients. With a diverse tech stack at my disposal, I am well-equipped to handle various challenges and provide innovative solutions.



Strive Gaming

May 2023 - present
Title: Software EngineerRole: Backend .NET engineer

As this role is within a small startup, I have been given opportunities to work closely with multiple different departments which includes but is not limited to:

DevOps/Platform Engineering to develop and deliver GitOps practices within the development team. I have also worked closely with the team to setup internal development environments allowing other developers to integrate new features more confidently into the platform. This has also allowed me to work with Kubernetes.

The Data team talking to them and understanding what they need from the platform so that they can produce effective report for regulators and clients.

System architects researching new technologies and ways of integrating them into the platform such that it can be more effectively worked in moving forward without being tied to older design patterns. I also fill in for the architect in external meetings if he is not available.

  • Key Points
    • Working within a large .NET codebase to deliver new features
    • Setup testing and full CI/CD pipeline within the core projects
    • Worked closely with DevOps/Platform engineering
    • Worked with system architects being trusted to fill in when architect was unavailable
    • Worked with clients directly solving technical integration issues

MRI Software

August 2021 - April 2023
Title: Software EngineerRole: Fullstack software engineer and lead for small internal projects


  • Income Analytics
    • Income Analytics is a system to identify when tenants of a housing provider are likely not miss a rent payment and alert the provider before the payment is missed
    • Worked on integrations with other software
    • Implemented custom features for clients upon request
    • Rebuilt CI pipeline to improve efficiency
    • Handled various technical support issues as 3rd line support
    • Worked on implementing e2e performance testing
    • Investigated and implemented Server Sent Events after comparison with alternative options
    • Assisted and guided graduates and placement students
    • Reworked configuration system such that changes no longer required a system restart
    • Tech: Java (Dropwizard API), Angular, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, Auth0, GitLab CI
  • Income Analytics: Data Generator
    • This is a project that I took the lead on
    • Project was to generate random but repeatable test data that can be used during development of the system to ensure that all features worked as intended
    • Tech: Java, Bash
  • Renovate Bot
    • Another project that I have taken the lead on
    • The team uses GitLab to host their repos and to allow for automatic dependency updates I setup Renovate Bot in GitLab to handle this automatically
    • After it was setup for my team I demoed the bot to other teams in the company and they are now using it as well
    • Tech: GitLab CI, JS


Env Tree

A simple system to help facilitate the sharing of .env like files between team members and production deployments.

I created this due to an influx of new team members and also due to issues in production from .env settings files which would have been caught if there was higher visibility throughout the development and DevOps teams over what was set and where.

  • Features
    • Projects to group configurations together
    • Projects can be shared with other users allowing easy onboarding of new team members
    • Configurations can be linked to each other
    • CLI tool to allow easy downloading of configuration files in both general purpose and headless environments
    • Selfhostable with provided docker image
  • Tech: Typescript, NextJS, Prisma, TRPC, Turborepo


Newcastle University (BSc)

2018 - 2021
Result: First Class Degree with Honours (80.1%)


Other Experience

  • Newcastle University Archery Club Equipment Officer
    • Inspect the range and keep it maintained
    • Help any member with any equipment issues or questions they may have
    • Budget for new club equipment and maintenance costs
    • Create all risk assessments for archery related activities
  • Newcastle University Rifle Club Secretary
    • Liaise with the police and other official bodies about members joining and leaving the club and any other issues that may arise
    • Organization of competitions with the club captain
    • Liaise with other clubs and AU/SU to propose ideas and changes that could be made within the club
    • Oversee the maintenance of the range and all equipment within it
    • Organization of club meetings